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How do you centrally manage your Cisco device access?

Hey guys,

So we've been looking to centrally manage our access to Cisco devices and wondering how people have done it.

I understand there are several ways, but cost is a factor in our case. Cisco ACS or ISE are options we're aware of but know also come with a nice price tag.

I've set up a RADIUS server and successfully set it up to use AD credentials for access, however the only authentication method you can use in this scenario seems to be PAP (from what I’ve read), which is somewhat unsecure. This would be the ideal set up for us, as we've got it working without extra cost but security is a concern.

I started looking into some of the free TACACS stuff and it seems like the administration side could be time consuming. If anyone has found a low cost/free solution ( that is still secure) I’d love to know how you've done it?

It would be great if solarwinds offered a module for this


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