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How do I create an Alert to a Custom Poller that I have just created

Hi All,

I have just created several pollers on SolarWinds using the Web interface.

I have assigned them to the test DataPower unit and checked that they read the MiB correctly with success.

After getting the correct results I wanted to create Alerts depends on the values that I am getting from the SNMP response on the MiBs.

In the Manage Alerts view, I am creating a new Alert and start to set up the actual trigger conditions as follows: using AND for all childes

  • Node
    • Node name
      • is equal to
        • Name of the Data power that I am doing testing on.
  • Node
    • Here is where I need to put my Poller name that I can NOT find it at all for an unknown reason (to me)

In order to build that Alert, I need to have the Custom Poller name shown on the list that is populated by the Select field...

I can not find the Poller that I have just created.

I would be happy to know if there is a reason why I can't see the poller that I am looking for?

In the simplest example, I want to be able to show the status of the Power supply that it will show 1 when everything is OK and 2 or 3 when one of the following failed PS01 or PS02 respectively. And show Critical Alert when none of the above. This should be straight forward from Poller to Alert... But I can't find myself doing that.

I have checked the Poller on a test device and I am getting 1 as expected.

So that can show me the Poller is working.

And also I am wondering why when I create the poller from the Orion Universal Device Poller it separates the Pollers into groups that I am not sure where I should be looking in the Web interface in order to see that groups and put my new custom pollers in the desired one.  Can someone, as well, guide me finding the Groups for all defined pollers on the Web interface the same that I can see on the Orion Universal Device Poller?

I would be happy to get assistance on setting Alerts with the Custom Poller that I have just described above.

appreciate your help.

appreciate your help.

Thank you!!


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this link is no longer valid.  I too have custom pollers setup but am unable to select "Custom Poller" as a trigger.

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Found the problem I was trying to Copy an existing alert... the alert was for a Node.  Must basically start over because the "I want to alert on:" at the top is the only place you can specify Custom node Poller.  Found it on another post, thanks!

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