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Community Manager
Community Manager

How are you monitoring collaboration and productivity with a remote workforce?

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Level 14

None really apply either.  I had just racked the server hardware for our Solarwinds solution when we were sent home.  I hadn't set up remote access to the tin so can't install O/S or Orion.  I would have had all the monitoring set up which would have been very useful in the event of a major situation but unfortunately the major situation happened first.  Ho Hum.

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Level 9

None of these options apply to us - we do not have a remote workforce.

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Thanks for including the split-tunnel VPN option! To be fair, we weren't using this at all until everyone started working from home and using audio/video collaboration tools at significantly higher levels.

Level 12

Knowing the types of traffic that normally (baselines) traverses the network is a plus! This is definitely a cool tool if you don't have it, get it! You will see it's benefits.

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