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Help with VMAN

We recently switched from the VMAN appliance to the VMAN integrated with Orion, and for lack of a better word, I'm underwhelmed. Most of the reporting functionality I had with the appliance version is essentially gone in Orion. I can no longer report and explore any of the logical components of vCenter. VMAN will capture metrics of VMs, and Performance Analyzer is great, but if don't monitor an individual VM as a node, to which we do not have the licensing for, then there's not much I can do with it as everything regarding a VM is in context to the host it lives on.

For instance we organize all of our VMs based on the folder they're in, but I can't query that information. Nor can I query based on tags, categories, or notes. To us this a huge drawback.

Am I missing something here or has VMAN truly regressed?

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I guess you are late to the party, but yes this was a common complaint when they stopped developing the appliance.  The Orion version has several bits of information that old VMAN used to collect that are not available in new VMAN.  Here is the feature request specifically for what you are asking about.

I also know from talking to people at SW that they have been recently looking at getting VMware tags brought over, which I think was another critical gap.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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