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Level 13

Geek Speak thread not awarding points?

It looks like this Geek Speak thread " Is Your Shop Stuck in 2008?‌" is not awarding the customary 50 points. DanielleH‌ or mrs.alterego‌, can you please look into this?

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Level 12

sometimes the geek speak section doesn't award points. maybe we should wait for some minutes from one submission and the second one?

More, more MORE!  I'm up for more of this.

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Level 13

Thanks clubjuggle‌ - Looking into it and will post back soon.

Hi clubjuggle‌ - looks like you were awarded the 50 points for your participation today.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 2.40.50 PM.png

Was there someone else you were thinking of?

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Hmmm, yup, you're right. Let me check on what the criteria is on the points. I am wondering if you responded to both posts so closely it kinda threw a hiccup in the system. BRB with an answer...

I've got some answers clubjuggle‌ - The system is set with a 5 minute wait period by default, so because your responses to two different posts were under 5 minutes, it didn't recognize them as two separate posts. I will go ahead and add the 50 points for you. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Awesome, and good to know about the 5 minutes. Thanks mrs.alterego‌!

I could be mistaken, but I think I was awarded points for posting in There must be a better way to manage virtualized systems (which would correspond with the timestamp in your screenshot), but not for Is Your Shop Stuck in 2008?.

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