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Level 9

Edit my profile won't save

I'm trying to edit my Thwack profile to change my title and add social media contact information.

Each time I hit 'save' it says "we could not complete your request. Please check the form for details"

I don't see any information telling what it's expecting.

Can someone give me direction on what I might be missing?

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Level 8

Same issue here.  Cannot update my profile.  Please assist.

I was able to update parts of my profile by registering for ThwackCamp.  But still cannot update using the edit profile feature.  I still require assistance, please help.

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Hi Mike!!

Sent you a PM

Thanks Yum,

Just sent you the requested info.

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Level 10

Hi Guys,

I've got the same issue here too... been struggling for month to get it updated.

Whats going on?

Can you please help?

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Hi Greg!

Did you get this figured out?

If not, feel free to direct message me and we can get it worked out.


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sent you a PM

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Hi marcoswithanoh

Even i have the same problem , i need to update my new mail ID but it won't save can you please help

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Sure can​! Want to send me over a PM here with all information you'd like updated? Then we'll see if we can get you squared away.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sending you a direct message to gather a bit more information. Thank you for reporting this.

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I'm having a similar issue - I've left my previous company and need to change my email address.  I get the same message - 'can't complete, check form', and there's nothing indicated on the form that's in error.

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Hey there! There's a couple of things that could be going on with this but I'm going to figure it out.

I'm going to shoot you over a message here on THWACK so that you can update me with the e-mail address you'd like it to be swapped over to. That way I can check a few things on our end for you.

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