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Dear Solarwinds - Please record an accurate ACD when closing for the day.

You are a data mining company.  You are all about getting information to the people that need to know it.  So why, when you are closed for the day, do you not have an accurate ACD on your phone system telling us so.  I just spent the past two hours trying to get in touch with customer service and sales for a simple question.  Finally I resorted to calling tech support and vented to them about my frustration in not being able to reach anyone.  He indicated this wasn't the first call of the day like this.

Ya'll did the same thing last year, and consequently I had an urgent Sales related issue that day as well.  So please, if you are going to close for a day, post something, create an ACD that says you are closed and when you'll be open, change the home page @ to reflect the day off.  Hey, I'm all for upper management giving the workforce the day off.  That's awesome for internal customer satisfaction, but not at the cost of external customer satisfaction.

The issue with tech support has always been the long hold times.  I've been told numerous times the support folks are overwhelmed with the number of calls.  Do you think an oversight like this helps with that issue??? 

Thumbs down on your customer communication today guys.

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I'm sorry to hear that you had a frustrating experience getting in touch with us on Friday. I can imagine, especially in light of your previous similar experience, how frustrating this must have been.

We will look at better ways to communicate days on which we might be shorter staffed, including announcements here on thwack.

Thank you for being candid.


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