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Congratulations to WLUTHER for reaching the 500,000 Thwack Points

I would like to say congratulations to wluther reaching the 500,000 thwack points mark.  Years of providing content, answers questions, commenting on blogs, UX Participation, Missions, and many other events he has reached the Top Tier in Points. 

Congrats Dude!!! Well done my friend. 

Eric CourtesyIT

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Let's not forget byrona​​, who continually tricks me into thinking this is the day I pass him up... Only to login the next day and find he has cashed in some more surplus points... I feel like the Thwack version of Charlie Brown, trying to kick that darn football.

And rschroeder​ nipping at my heels... He should cross over any day now.

Glad to see so many folks participating in Thwack now. It sure has come a long way... And will hopefully keep on.

wluther​ funny thing, I am actually rooting for you to pass me up!  While I am still a huge advocate and involved in Thwack and our SolarWinds tools, my role at our company has changed to InfoSec and with that I am no longer nearly as focused on our SolarWinds tools so I would expect that the number of Thwack points I am getting should also slow down.  I have held a top position in the Thwack forums for a number of years and am more than happy to pass that touch to another deserving member such as yourself. 

Oh man, talk about bad good news. They want you to work more and play less? Well that's no fun! Tell them you want your old job back so you can stay here and play more!!!

wluther​ It's bitter sweet because I love Orion, SolarWinds and the community.  With that being said I am very passionate about security and have the opportunity to work with and learn a bunch of new toys tools that are also very awesome.  It really is a career opportunity that I coudln't pass up.

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Hey, SolarWinds has Security toys tools. A lot of new ones, too.

Yeah, byrona​, no excuses now...

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byrona Yeah, I figured as much, but it looked like a decent opportunity to tease you a bit. Congrats on your job. It's always nice to be able to like the work you do, and look forward to doing it too.

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Lets not forget the rest of us who have had to back off a little bit in order to actually work

How dare you, Jfrazier​! Bringing that dirty 4-letter word in to a family friendly environment. This is no place for the "w" word. Shame on you, sir.

Someone was going to say it...might as well have been me.

Anyway, you reached that point first.  Stack your flag at the level 30 mark and shout out "First !!!!!"

Level 11

Amazing!  Good Job WLUTHER!

Nicely done!


Congrats wluther​ !!


Awesome indicator of outstanding work and community dedication wluther


the chew toy for the dog of life

Hey... wluther​ is ME!!





Thanks for the heads up CourtesyIT​!


Wow, congratulations wluther​! Impressive work!

Always providing great content and contributions to the community.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Woooooooot!!! Congratulations wluther