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Cognose Version

How to determine witch cognose version installed.

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Please elaborate a bit more on your needs. I assume that you want to monitor with SAM.

you might be able to pull this information from a registry or any form of text file.

I have no clue what cognose is, but google told me this:

IBM How to find the build and version of the Cognos ReportNet or Cognos 8 installed - United States


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Thanks Doctor for reply. I had already gone through this and other few links.

The problem here is, we don't have admin rights and if possible, will have to pull the information in monitoring (Like you mentioned with SAM).

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I assume you have no admin rights on the Application but on the Server operating system.

with admin rights in the Operating System  you could use this here Log Parser (PowerShell)  as an example, and adjust it to fulfill your needs to parse the Version Information from the cmplst.txt file.

without admin rights on the operating system I guess you have no chance, as I think this Information can not be pulled via SNMP.

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