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Level 13

Buying from SolarWinds Sales VS. Distributors/Resellers

Can someone explain the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of purchasing SolarWinds products directly from SolarWinds Sales versus from a SolarWinds distribution partner or reseller?

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Hi All,

I've found its good to go direct, you can negotiate the discounts much easier without a "piggy in the middle". If you go through the reseller there is no advantage and you have to wait for them to approve the discount already approved by the Solarwinds sales people.

I didn't know about the SWAG! what can you get? I could do with a notebook or two...

Adam @acmtix

Having bought from both i can tell you, they each offer swag if you ask.   Also the reseller can give you a discount that SolarWinds has yet to offer me at the same level.

Level 13

Bump, any resellers out there that can provide input?

If you don't feel comfortable posting publicly, send me a PM please.

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