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Want a copy of the SolarWinds SysAdmin Infographic? We've attached it right here, ready to share.


Do I need to log in to see the link? When I try and open the page I get a message saying:

This slideshow has been marked private by the author. Sorry!

And looks like you're a little early... gives a message saying:

This blog post is scheduled to be published on 05-Nov-2012 at 15:00.

Sorry about that. I did get a bit ahead of schedule. The blog will be posted in about an hour and 20 minutes... soon. I don't want to publish it without our slideshare info in order. Sorry for the delay.

I'm checking into the slideshare link. It looks like I jumped the gun on that going live, too.

Good to see this will be popular content.



No worries

Middle of the day in the middle of the week in this part of the world; and only 2 days until I'm on leave for 3 weeks so I'm in that phase of can't really be bothered so after some light reading material - hopefully lots of charts and numbers so it looks like I'm doing something productive

The blog is live... but the links here and there to the slideshare are still to the unpublished slides. We are working on the slideshare issue. Please stay tuned. And, thank you for your patience.

The slideshare is now live, also. Sorry for the delay there, but it is sorted now.

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