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solarwinds wake on lan

I am using the free version of your product but when I try to use the library in my Access 2007 VBA it sends me an error message when sending the SendWOL command
Private Sub cmdWOL_Click()

    Dim objWOL As SWWakeOnLan.PC
    Dim myPath As String


    'Set objWOL = CreateObject("SWWakeOnLan.PC")

    Set objWOL = New SWWakeOnLan.PC
  '  myPath = "C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Free Tools\WakeOnLan.exe"
   ' hProcess = Shell(myPath, vbNormalFocus)
    objWOL.MACAddress = Me.MAC
  '  MsgBox objWOL.MACAddress
    objWOL.TargetIPAddress = Me.IP
  '  MsgBox objWOL.TargetIPAddress

    Set objWOL = Nothing
End Sub
I am attaching the error message and the small program i am using in Access 2007
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