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ip monitor - Performance Chart doesn't show lines


I installed IP Monitor. I just want to track basic connectivity to a handful of hosts. For example, a copier at a remote site.

I have the device added, it is pinging okay, but the performance chart isn't populated. It shows the chart, but doesn't show any lines on it. See the below screenshot:


          I also verified that the monitor is set to store statistics:


I would expect some colored - or visible - lines in Availability and Response Time so that I can see that - not only is it available now, but it has been for the duration of the chart. And, be able to see if/how the response time has changed.

like this:


          (red lines are added by me in ms paint to articulate what I am expecting to see. It wasn't really down, to my knowledge. I don't care what color.)

Is there a specific setting to enable this?

I am just running the free level of ipmonitor. Do I have to buy a license to enable this?

what am I getting wrong?


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