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VDI In A Box Solutions - Did VDI Miss The Train Or Will Appliance Solutions Increase Implementations?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has been touted as the current virtualization application that cannot be missed. Virtualization of desktops can take a significant investment of resources just to get off the ground and in-house knowledge (or consulting) to configure and maintain. 

Justification of spending the money for what ends up being a project that typically does not realize any ROI until the next scheduled desktop hardware refresh is a hard pill for management to swallow. Plus, with IaaS and SaaS solutions stepping up as the next wave of infrastructure changes, VDI continues to be that much more of a difficult solution to justify. 

Several vendors are creating VDI solutions that reduce complexity, cost, and simplify administration. Citrix (purchased Kaviza) offers a VDI-in-a-Box solution utilizing XenServer and XenDesktop. Pivot3 offers a 60-minute setup VMware View environment. Dell is bundling their hardware with Citrix solutions. Even VMware is offering a Fusion-io and View VDI appliance. 

Do you think that vendors providing a more appliance-based VDI solution adds more value than building on your own?

Additionally, do you see VDI as being a more niche solution or do you believe it may see a wider adoption in the coming years?

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While I am no expert, I can't help but think that mobile devices are going to drive this path. 

Having a single desktop/repository for your work files/apps and then having the flexibility to access that desktop via a multitude of clients will change the way folks work.  Connect at your "desk" at work, connect on a smart phone, tablet, or even your home computer.  Application costs could be reduced as you would run one copy of the app regardless of the client/location.

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