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UnDP polled value not being reset after change of status

I`ve created a UnDP for polling the health status on IBM IMM`s. The poller checks OID and presents them in a table .Initial polling shows "all green", no errors at all.

This is confirmed both when logged in to then IMM it self (status view on the web pages) and via a third-party MIB browser/walker.  I then create a error situation by removing a random disk (disk X) from my server. This creates two lines/rows in my table;

"Array System x3300 M4 is in critical condition" and "The drive X has been disabled due to a detected fault". Both confirmed on the IMM web interface and MIB browser/walker. The first message "Array System...." remains in the table until the rebuild

onto the HotSpare disk is completed, then it is removed automaticly. Again, confirmed on both the other checks. The other error still applies, in my table and both IMM web interface and MIB walk.

I then insert the disk again, and configure it again. The error status on the IMM web interface is cleared, MIB walk returns no error. But, my table based on my UnDP still reports "The drive X has been disabled due to a detected fault". I run a manual

poll, I re-discover the system; still the same. It remains the same until I remove the poller from the device and then re-apply it, or I create another error situation,then only the "new" error is displayed.... Any suggestions ?

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