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Tripplite UPS says it's own MIB isn't compatible

Hey folks.  We recently added some Tripplite Smart1500RM2U's to our network, all have the WEBCARDLX cards installed on them.

I would like to receive notifications when the UPS' go on battery.  Tripplite has MIB available for this and it is in the MIB browser.  However when I try to add it to the device it says it is unable to poll for this OID and when I do an SNMP walk on the IP that doesn't show as an available OID.

I called TrippLite and they said that it should work fine so long as I load their MIBs to my Orion environment.  I thought this was done via UdNP but I believe I'm mistaken.

Can someone point me in the direction of getting this alert to work for this UPS?



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You are misunderstanding, that OID is a trap, not a polled OID.  If you have set up the UPS to send traps to Orion then whenever there is a status change it will fire off the message and you could potentially trigger an alert off that event, but you can't poll for it on demand.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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