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Temperature alerts

How to add alerts for nodes linked to temperature censors

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There are several threads in Thwack showing how to do this--all you need do to search for and find any previous questions or solutions that have been put into Thwack is type your question in here:


I typed in "create temperature alert" in that window, hit Enter, and got two great hits:



There's also the good old reliable RTFM standard.  The Admin Guide / owner's manual gives excellent and comprehensive instructions for achieving pretty much everything that can be done standard out of the box.  It's already installed on your server if you have NPM running.

Plus, Solarwinds has online manuals that are searchable right here for you:


But wait!  That's not all!  You can go straight to the Alert Lab right here (  Browse it, or use the "Search:  This Category" window at the top and type in just what you want to know.


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