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Solarwinds Network tool = NetBrain

What tool does Solarwinds offer that would rival something like NetBrain?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

@nato NetBrain is a purpose built solution for network mapping. Depending on your needs I have seen cases where customers utilize the mapping features built into the Orion Platform and don't require NetBrain. I have also seen some cases in which customers use these as complimenting rather than competing. Regardless we do provide options.

We have simple options such as Network Topology Mapper which doesn't go to the depth of NetBrain, but is also not anywhere near the cost at $1500.

Within the Orion Platform, we provide a unique feature that utilizes the wealth of relational data captured by each of the separate modules, allowing you to leverage both dynamic maps or customize your own. This gives you the opportunity to visualize networks, applications, or services in a manner that makes sense for your organization. The new Time Travel feature allows users to go back and view history of how a particular map looked when the outage first occurred or before.  Here is a post to the latest release of Orion Maps:

I hope this helps.  



@jblankjblank Do I have all the apps to make your solution work?


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@nato The Network Topology Mapper tool is a tool outside of the platform. You are on 2019.2 release so you do have a version of Orion Maps already available in your environment. This again is all based on the modules you have installed so obviously you should have no issues creating Network Maps via that tool.  The menu item will be under My Dashboards > Home > Orion Maps. If you have customized the menu bar, you may need to go into settings and add that item back in.  For your reference, here is the link to the Orion Maps version compatible in your environment, which also includes a link to the previous releases.

The latest 2020.2 release is currently in RC and available in your customer portal.