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Solarwinds - IP Address and vlans

Greetings forum members,

I will start with an apology since i'm new here and i wasn't sure if this is the right forum to ask my question.

we started a huge project with many bundles from solarwinds (SAM,NPM,VMAN etc...) and we just purchase physical servers for that.

my question is, where i can find the document which describes what is the recommendation regarding to server ip which required to connect to many networks? should we set the server with 1 ip and open all the ports to different environments? or create 1 ip address and attach it to many vlans? (so it can connect to other envs)

help will be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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I would consider a "best practice" to put your solarwinds server(s) in a "Network Management" VLAN and give it an IP on that VLAN.   Then open up your firewall rules from this subnet to all your network devices and such for SNMP, SSH, Netflow, etc.

If you have a lot of servers behind a firewall where security is a bigger deal, or its more difficult to get rules set, some people will put an APE (Additional Polling Engine) behind the firewall with the servers, and then open up the firewall enough to allow the APE to communicate with the main server and I think the database server too.   The APE would not have to be on the network management subnet and could be a VM instead of a physical server quite easily.   Under the new SAM licensing, APE's for the servers only are at no cost to you, you can deploy them as you wish.

Your most robust server in terms of CPU, memory and such should be your database server, with the main poller behind that (and HA engine if you have one?).   All the modules should go on the main poller, with a few exceptions for some things like DPA I think?   Any additional hardware you might have could be APE's, or another good thing to do is separate the web server from the main poller by deploying AWS (additional web server).

If I had more details I might be able to go into more details myself, but this is a good starting point.

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Hi Tal

How many servers do you want to monitor? I am presuming that you have more then 1 server and each one has a different IP address. I would suggest that you monitor each server using the IP address with SAM. 


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