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SolarWinds as CMDB source for servicenow?


Has anyone out there ever used SolarWinds data as an input to the servicenow CMDB?

We are considering utilizing SolarWinds as our initial primary source of data into the servicenow CMDB rather than servicenow Discovery.

We already have SolarWinds set up and polling our Data Centers.

Are there drawbacks to this approach? What are they? Was it a large manual operation to transform SolarWinds data into the CMDB?

For relationship within the servicenow CMDB, what was lost versus utilizing servicenow Discovery?

Thanks for any input.

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Downsides are CI creation for servers built in Servicenow may not report the same as what is discovered. (differences in hostname, short hostname vs. FQDN, different domains, mixed case hostnames, DNS entries, etc.).

Being able to associate a support group for ticketing to a specific CI.

Who assigns the support group and when?

How do you handle decommissions?

What happens if it is rediscovered?

How do you handle server renames, re-iping the server, server upgrades where an upgrade in place is not possible?

There are opportunities on that path....

@Jfrazier : Did you get answers for your questions? If yes, can you post them here please?

Raj Esh
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I was listing some of the challenges you have to consider when using Solarwinds as CMDB source for ServiceNow.

Those are questions that the person who wants to do this needs to be able to answer.

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Gotcha @Jfrazier 


How about sending data using reports(SSQL or SQL using nodes view) to ServiceNow email? 


Thoughts please?

Raj Esh
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Hi - Yes this is possible.

You will need to create a jdbc data source in SN and use credentialed access to source data from SW. You can also use a mid server.

Next you will need to identify the database table to source the data from nodes, alerts, containers, etc. You can use multiple sources you will need to create a data source for each.

Then you will create a transform map to relate this SW data to SN you can input to the cmdb or staging table to coalesce multiple data points. This can be automated using a scheduled job to run daily, weekly, etc.

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I am trying to pull the nodes data from SolarWinds to ServiceNow CMDB. I am trying to establish a connection through JDBC. I am getting an error as "The TCP/IP connection to the host xxxxxxxxx, port 1433 has failed. Error: "null. Verify the connection properties. Make sure that an instance of SQL Server is running on the host and accepting TCP/IP connections at the port. Make sure that TCP connections to the port are not blocked by a firewall."swind.jpg

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Hi, Did you ever get to the bottom of this?  Does the synchronisation work?  thanks

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Hi I am looking for a tool that allows Solarwinds data to be exported into ServiceNow does anyone have a script that will do this? or an application that can be used maybe via an ODBC connector? Or even a tool that allows us to pull data out of Solarwinds and auto imports into ServiceNow, say once a week?

If anyone has any ideas please let me know...?

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ServiceNow has the ability to connect an external datasource via JDBC and run SQL queries to retrieve data.

Take a look at this:

You would define the Solarwind Orion server as a JDBC datasource, then create the Import Set and corresponding Transform Map. After that, you can schedule the import.

That is a great answer... I will investigate, thanks for that!

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We do a true up between Orion and SNow a few times a year.

SNow discovery pretty much is junk and most people administrating it don't understand discovery.

I've seen it crash a core switch.

If Orion was used for discovery, then items can be exported/imported into SNow.

Hello, JFrazier

Can you please share how do you it today with discovery part and export/import. we want to exercise similar efforts. Did you do any custom sql pull from orion database?  Thank you in advance.

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Primarily we export CI's from ServiceNow and monitored nodes/objects from Orion and compare the differences.  This allows us to do a true up/audit.  ServiceNow is the document of record and new CI's are supposed to be created for new  items and then workflow pushes a ticket to us to create the item in ServiceNow.  I know it is possible to import node data from Orion that was exported in a CSV.  The challenge is to associate the relevant data for the CI owner and such....most of that is best handled by the initial CI creation workflow.  Whatever discovery process is used, there has to be a way to tied the related information together. 

Level 8

Just curious if you tried it, and if you got anywhere with it.  Thanks in advance.

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I did not pursue - we are eventually migrating to servicenow Discovery.

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