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Server relation to Routers

I am looking to to get a report for Link speeds through the routers across our many locations.

I have been given a list of 70 servers connected to Routers in the field.  

We want to pull a report that shows what Routers the servers are connected to as well as the connection speeds in the associated Router.  

How do I get this into 1 report?


So far Im only here.


Select NodeID, MachineType, Caption, IP_Address, A00_SITE_NAME, A03_DEVICE_ADDRESS, A05_CITY, A06_STATE, N01_NODE_TYPE
from Nodes
Where Caption = 'Server1' or Caption = 'Server2' or Caption = 'Server3'

order by Caption ASC



Would I look into finding the CDP neighbors and import them?

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Most servers don't participate in CDP so that might not provide much help, but ultimately you do need to come up with a list that correlates the server to the router, and then determines that correct interface to pull that connection speed from (hope your network team is consistent about how they set gear up because mine rarely are). Nick's comment that he would do it in a custom property is pretty close to how I would do it in most cases as well. You need some place to store that upstream device information. The topology mapping can be pretty hit or miss, mostly because people almost never monitor access switch ports with Orion, and in order for Orion to put 1 and 1 together you would need to be monitoring the interface on the server and on the directly connected switch. If you have virtualization in the mix that makes it that much more complicated to map out.

I can say if you are dedicated a solution could be schemed up, but its probably not going to be a simple thing that you can just whip up based on the data thats already in the DB.

As another comment, instead of doing the where caption logic with all those OR conditions you will probably find it much easier to keep track of it by using
Where caption in ('server1','server2,'server3')
- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Are the servers connected directly to the routers, or is there infrastructure in between? If they are directly connected, you could use L2/L3 topology mapping to build a list of which servers are connected to which routers. I would personally use Custom Properties to distinguish them by physical location. Running the report would just require you to filter based on that new Custom Property.

After that, you'll be able to use the new Custom Properties for lots of things including widget filters, alerts, etc.
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