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Level 14

New Thwack users should be moderated for the first 10 post to stop spamming

Hi fellow Thwackers,

I've noticed a few post recently that have no place within Thwack, namely adverts for products or (escort) services. The user's profiles are obviously new and created for the purpose of posting these spam messages.

Would it not make sense for newer members to have their first 10 posts moderated, before posting them, to ensure that they are actually about SolarWinds? Or new account profiles reviewed before they can post?

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I have been working with the Community Managers on identifying these miscreants.  They are banning them as quickly as they can.

I am not sure the platform has the ability to moderate all new users or not.  That has been mentioned in my discussions with them.

On such posts, go to the actions drop down and report to moderator is the best course of action from our standpoint.

Thanks, this is very helpful.

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