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Multiple Hypervisor Support In The Datacenter

For the longest time, VMware was the king of virtualization vendors. Their hypervisor, and supporting services, were far superior to anything else out there. However, now, we are seeing multiple hypervisors providing significant value in their own ways. 

However, supporting multiple hypervisors in an environment is an interesting question for any IT department to ponder. Focusing on a single solution simplifies administration, a deeper knowledge base, and the ability to integrate all virtualization solutions into existing technologies (replication, management, monitoring, etc…). On the flip side, utilization of multiple hypervisors may allow you to adopt the best of breed solution in the event that a specific hypervisor vendor offers something better than the others at the risk of increased complexity, more knowledge needed, and potential for less integration points with existing functions. 

Where do you see the future of supporting multiple hypervisors? Do you think that adoption of hypervisors will be analogous to keeping a single hardware vendor for IT infrastructure or analogous to supporting both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle DB?

Additionally, would you sacrifice complexity for best of breed solution?

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