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Missing data in Orion Database

Many Hyper-V Clusters exists in our environment.  All Hyper-V nodes are imported into and displayed in for the Orion Console, and data is reflective of such when looking at the FROM Orion.VIM.Hosts table through SWQL.

My problem is this, there is no data in Orion.VIM.Clusters.  Why is this?

I have attempted to force the issue but settings up a discovery specifically for the Cluster Name and then performing a scan.  The scan only detects the node that currently hosts the Hyper-V clusters and pays no mind that the clusters is it's own entity.

Any idea?

BTW, we do have VMAN and we do have integration enabled between the products.

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Hi uidzer0,

A couple of things to look at:

1) What version of VMAN do you have installed? I highly recommend you install at least version 6.0.1 of VMAN as we included some critical fixes for Hyper-V cluster association in that Service Release.

2) Are all of your Hyper-V clusters appearing in the VMAN interface correctly?

3) Make sure that all the Hyper-V hosts in a cluster are added as a single datasource for VMAN Collection.

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1. Yes, Running the latest released version of VMAN.

2. Yes, finally.. Took until 6.0.1 to get to that point.

3. Yes,  each cluster is its own respective data source.  Each clusters is seperated by datasource with each datasource containing the cluster ip and all node ip's.  However, i do have a seperate datasource that covers the Hyper-v Lan to catch new systems for subsequent placement into a scoped datasource.

See below:

cluster pic.PNG

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Hi Charles,

OK, I think what you are running into is that VIM (the Virt module that is inside of NPM/SAM) does not have a concept of a Hyper-V cluster. The VMAN integration does not currently create new objects in VIM, it only extends existing VIM constructs. The one major caveat to this is Datastores, which was the original focus of the VMAN 6.0 integration.

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Well that stinks. 

How then do i programatically get at this information inside VMAN?  Does it support the SWIS data contract?  Or do i open postgres for queries.

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Hi Charles,

Can you elaborate on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, your particular use case?

VMAN does not support SWIS. It does have a back-end PowerCLI interface.

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Sure, i just want access to the data outside the standard gui.   Powershell commands for getting data doesn't work well if i'm designing an application that extends on the data provided by Solarwinds. 

It would either A requirement me to roll through a single configured machine with PowerCLI for each call to the system, or  or two get PowerCLI installed on any machine that intended on using the application.  Neither of which is optimal or preferred.

Side note:  The current documentation of installing PowerCLI says in need to install Vsphere Powercli.. Doesn't make much sense to many, considering i'm a Hyper-V Shop.


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Hi uidzer0,

Sorry, I backtrack on my previous statement - VMAN support Java SWIS (jSWIS) for short. It appears that you were previously on another thread where this was answered: Re: SWQL Query tool

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Balki, yeah i get it,  but thatis through the SWQL Client.  I want to use VB.NET and would hopefully like to continue to use some of the same structure, code, etc and just change the url.

Don't think it's possible though.

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