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Issue with Application monitors

I have couple of application monitors configured like Windows Free Disk space check. I was getting WinRM issue and increased

WinRM SLW.jpg

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Drive Up, or the connections free between servers.

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After changing the WinRM limits application monitors are fine for few weeks, then again i see different error


Can i know what is the reason for these error and what can be the solution for this

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In the error it states that there is not enough storage to process the request. Does that remote server have enough disk space? Did the drive fill up?

There is enough disk space on the remote server

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Have you tried following these steps? Seem promising

Also, what versions of Windows are running on the remote machines?

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Yeah i have looked into this in first place before posting query here. But i was thinking if this has to be done if many nodes are complaining. I was thinking there can be some other reason with polling engines or something which is causing this issue.

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