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Product Manager
Product Manager

Is Storage Sexy Again?

A recent article argues that storage is a sexy technology despite popular opinion to the contrary, and I totally agree.  Without storage, many of our daily conveniences would still be a fantasy.  Think no smart phones, no tablets, home computers, no on-demand anything, no websites, etc. - life just wouldn’t be what it is today, it would be so… early nineties.  Getting geeky, storage has made huge bounds in the past decade in capacity (GB to TB to PB), redundancy (mirrors, snaps, replication), capability (thin provisioning, deduplication, unification) and automation (tiering, live migration) – so this is the most exciting time to be in storage.  What do you think makes storage sexy? Share your examples.

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Sexy?  Not sure.  In vogue?  Definitely.

After reading this post (and linked article), I got to thinking about storage and how it directly affects my life, not just professionally.  Without storage and the advancements made over the last few decades, the internet as I know it would not be possible.  How could we have Pandora without the music archive?  How could we have YouTube without the unreal huge amount of video?  The answer is: we couldn't.

Storage may not be sexy but it is definitely cool.  If storage is cool, then Solarwinds is Miles Davis.

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