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If it is also out on the Internet, should you also backup?

Many of the documents I work on are parked in my DropBox folder so they can be accessed from everywhere and a copy still sits on my local device. This seems somewhat similar to replication, albeit in a consumer based style.

Offsite backup storage has been something the IT industry has been doing for a long time and as technology has advanced, the off site storage of backup has gone to replication which does the offsite storage portion of disaster recovery (among other things) for those who use it.

For small businesses, does a service like DropBox fill the DR need? If a company purchases enough storage or uses the service for key teams, can they rely on this as their off site solution? 

I am not sure where I fall on this idea, even as a DropBox user, but with the service being kept in Amazons S3 datacenters and replicated all over the place who knows what will be possible over the next few years.

Would you put an entire company's information up on a service like DropBox for off site storage in lieu of backup or is DropBox not designed for that type of use?

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