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Level 9

I need to learn SWQL...

Hi all, I have been my companies SolarWinds admin for the last two plus years. I started at the demo phase all the way through install and administration. It has been a long a at times frustrating ride but I have enjoyed every second of it. I can no longer put off the fact that I need to throw myself into learning SWQL. Where do I start, and please pretend like you are speaking to a small child. Thanks!!!

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Thanks everybody... I will explore all these options.

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Level 9

I found this today and have found it to be the most useful resource for SWQL / SWIS so far:

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Level 9

I have the same request.  And I appreciate all of the tips and links to other posts on the forum...but is that really all there is?  There's no class, or guide, or video provided by Solarwinds??

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Download the SDK from the link someone else posted, and get the SWQL Studio.  This makes it easier to create queries because it shows you the fields in the different tables.

SQL knowledge is great to have, very close to SWQL.

One great feature of SWQL over SQL is the built in JOIN's.   They look a bit link little chain links in SWQL Studio, below you can see it where the first one is "AccessPoints"



Look for other SWQL queries out there, I have quite a few posted, and have fun playing.   Nothing you can do in SWQL Studio can hurt your database, so don't worry!


Level 11

Do you have SQL experience? While the two are not identical, the query structure is the same.

One annoying thing -- outside of SQL or SWQL -- is that you must know what fields in what table(s) from the Orion database you need to query. That means you need to be familiar with the database structure itself. That structure has, in the past, changed from version to version, and differs between what you use in SQL and SWQL. Figuring out what to query has been the most challenging thing for me.