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How to add authentication action to existing WPM recordings? (for the new Web Transaction Recorder)

How to make it for deprecated one is described here:

But new Recorder uses other file format (yaml I guess), so this method is not suitable.

The problem is to authenticate user with simple auth form (or when Windows security window form appears). So with depricated Recorder I used this lifehack with manual adding action type="Authenticate" into recording file. The same problem I have now, with new Recorder (browser window is blank with red border, but Windows security window expected), so I'd like to know how to fix this issue.

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Level 10

I think its not possible yet in the new recorder, it only supports basic auth (we had an case open for this asking if any other auth method is possible and we were told it's not available yet and we should use old recorder for now). Maybe someone else found a work around for this

Okay, will wait for new versions.

A bit strange to release new generation product without features already presented in deprecated version 🙂

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