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How to Monitor FTP client login availability via FTP user login monitor.

I have a FTP set up where in clients login via FTP port 21 and user name and password.

I want to set up a monitor where in I can monitor the FTP availability using credentials to check the same.

Can we do it via a script. ? If yes please guide.

Do we have a feature in Solarwinds where in we can create a template which connects to FTP and then using pre defined credentials logs in to the FTP. ?

Or do we have any other way to monitor the availability ?

Your help and inputs highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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If you are still looking for an answer, the answer is - yes, you can monitor the availability and response time for your FTP server. go to SAM settings , then Manage Templates and search for FTP. If you don't find an out of the box example, create a new template and add a new component monitor for it. The component monitor type to choose from is 'FTP user experience monitor'. The settings should be straightforward. you will also find good instructions in the SAM admin guide.

Thank you for the intel buddy. I will try this out and update the findings soon. Really appreciate your response.

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