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Graphics & Audio Report?

In Orion, there is a section where you can review the Graphics & Audio components of an asset (computer).  Here is a link to SolarWinds documentation regarding this section: Graphics and Audio

My question is, how can I create a report (or Excel spreadsheet) that shows me this information for every computer that Orion has inventoried.   I would imagine I would have columns/fields with the following information

  • Computer Name
  • Monitor Manufacturer – Displays the manufacturer of the current monitor.
  • Monitor Model Number – Displays the model number of the current monitor.
  • Monitor Resolution – Displays the current resolution of the current monitor.
  • Video Card – Displays details about the listed video card.
  • Video Chipset – Displays the current video chipset information for the listed device.
  • Video Memory - Displays the amount of memory currently installed on the listed video card.
  • Sound Card – Displays details about the installed sound card.

Is anyone aware of an existing report with this information? If not, can someone direct me to the easiest way to capture this?  I'm not particular on how I get it, as long as I can get it (preferably in an Excel spreadsheet).

NOTE: When I try to build a report using "Graphics and Audio" as my starting point, it tells me I can only choose one computer to report on.  I don't understand...


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