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Level 9

Deployment Health -- database maintenance and index fragmentation

I am looking through the deployment health page and i have ran into a couple problems that i can not seem to fix...

1. Check if Database Maintenance works properly - indicated the maintenance was not able to complete - KB indicated to try to run it manually which i can...however this will not go away...there are some errors in the maintenance file, but i am unsure as to how to proceed -- error --  failed to execute procedure: udt_dbm_UDT_PortUsage_HourlyToDaily... - 2019-03-19 02:21:11 : Failed to execute procedure:

2.  Database index fragmentation check - indicated diagnostic timed out -- did what the KB indicated but i can not seem to get rid of this on the health page

3.  This problem is not exactly from the deployment health page -- however started happening at some point -- when i look at the "database details" in all settings i get  "unexpected website error" -- i have ran the configuration wizard and still have this pop up..

Tried putting in a ticket with SolarWinds Support and was given KBs (which i tried) and suggestions of looking on thwack and success center (which i had already done)....
So putting it to the community.....any thoughts?
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Level 9

I'm getting tons of random Problems and Potential Issues in the Deployment Health. The messages in them specifically call out failures and problems, but like you, the issue is either not actually happening or I have resolved it and the Deployment Health check still reports it. I opened a case with support and it about the equivalent of talking to a random person on the street about it. They have no suggestions other than to ignore it, which I find unacceptable. I rely on this platform to do my monitoring, so am I asking for too much by wanting to know what is causing these Health Checks to fail?

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for what its worth - support told me the Deployment Health table in the database retains the information for 20 days. Either way, Deployment Health is not proving useful in regard to determine SolarWinds environment health. Hopefully this gets attention and improves in the next release post 12.5

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Honestly that page just gives me headaches.   Makes more sense to just rely on the built in Orion server SAM template to keep eyes on what's going on.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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I'm getting the impression that the Deployment Health tool isn't tuned properly. I get a database index fragmentation warning on five unspecified tables so I ran reports to list any fragmented indexes. On both clustered and non-clustered  indexes nothing came up. So either reports are wrong or the deployment health is wrong.

I also had a ticket opened for Agent indications reported as a problem - since I have no Agents in this environment. Support relayed that this is a false positive. Not impressed by these potential problems not being vetted by the application.