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Level 14

Boy oh boy, do I miss SolarWinds!

I've been through one heck of a journey, one that involved another monitoring system. 😞
This journey has been one of hardship, putting up and making do and on the whole basic things not working.

15 months have passed since management said we needed to leave SolarWinds, and yet still we don't have working solution.
The hours of support, seeing engineer after engineer poke and prod at the same things (as if they don't even communicate between themselves) have proven unsuccessful. 
The vendor keeps on saying things will be fixed in the next release and this will improve our experience, but upgrades and patching have not seemed to have helped.

This week has been one of escalations, resulting in increased activity and 3rd line support contact, but they have also failed.
Their so called attempt to win back our "hearts and minds" with their increased efforts was not not just counter productive, it actually backfired!
The final straw was with their "top people" on a support call, to try and get their agent to monitor Windows log files and Services, who asking for files that did not exist and trying to run binaries that were not installed.
Even their "top people" admitted their embarrassment. 
So I have drawn a line in the sand and toys were thrown from the pram. I've taken this to my directors with the words "not fit for purpose".

Set aside the smoke and mirrors that their sales guys gave us (read - blowing smoke up our asses!), their tiny support team who have struggled with anything but the simplest tickets and who drop you like a hot stone at the end of their shifts, documentation that just about tells you what you are looking at and nothing about what to do with it, certification that my dog could pass (the walk you through the exam, with answers, then you sit it), a community forum that sees a new post maybe once a fortnight and reporting that not only takes Professional Service to create anything new but also looks like it was created on a typewriter!
Okay the price per device is cheaper, but there is a very good reason for that!
It does not scale, has proven to be embarrassingly unstable and as you may guess by my tone, I have had enough!

Monday is going to be a tough day, as I fight to stop us investing in a toolset that just isn't up to scratch, does not scale and quite frankly looks like it has crawled out of the 90s. I'll be sitting down with my boss and they guys who said that the product would be great for our company and fighting my corner that what we had before (SolarWinds) is a far superior product in every way.

I will present these problems with plenty of proof and no doubt the vendor's big-wigs will be bending over backwards to my directors and managers to try and get us to stay as their customers, I however will be fighting my corner to get SolarWinds back!

Wish me luck!

Kudos for those who can guess the name of this abomination product! 


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Product Manager
Product Manager

Don't leave us in suspense... how did your fight go? 

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Thanks for that, i will keep that at hand for Monday's bun fight 😁

That and we have two dedicated SolarWinds engineers already on the monitoring team, hopefully common sense will prevail.

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Level 7

Oh no I hope the product isn't Vunetrix I'm cutting a whole jail over to that system tonight 😧

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Nope, good luck anyway! 😃

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Level 16

Where is the PM?

He just got a free “commercial” this needs to get framed...

What could better than customer that running back to a solution...

I know what IT pro that can have that “I told you so..” 

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Level 12

When I brought in SolarWinds to my current company, used my SolarWinds Account rep. 

They were able to help in building a checklist comparison.  They were also on a call/webex to help show the product.  Your SolarWinds Account Rep is a HUGE resource.  I am sure they will work with you to get your company back.

If you have your old SW number just give them a call.


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We've still got SolarWinds running, but it's been out of maintenance since early 2019.
Hopefully I can go cap in hand back to our SolarWinds account managers soon and get that sorted, once management sort this out.

I'm still Thwacking and trying to help those who post on the forum, writing the odd SWQL/PowerShell script, so I am aware how many great new features we have missed since then. 
Fingers crossed, I'll be back soon.

Or getting my CV up to date 😅

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Level 14

This is the kind of post that you think you're going to need some popcorn reading...



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