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Alerts forwarded to NOC (bunch of questions)

How do I get my network alerts sent to our NOC? What does the NOC view mean? Is this what the NOC interacts with when viewing my equipment?

I want to send the alert to an IP address. I've watched the training videos, spent the time in equipment (NPM). Alerts are sent to my email. What do I do next?

-hope to get help- NV

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nato​ are you still looking for answers for this topic?

As far as NOC views go:


  • There are a LOT more threads out on Thwack about creating them, and content to put on them

Hi Nato,

So to send alerts to your NOC Team you simply decide how you want the notifications to be sent (Default in most instances is Email, but it could be ServiceNow integration etc) and then you send the alert to that teams email address. When the alert triggers it will send your NOC an email.

The NOC View is just a name that SolarWinds has given to the settings within the Dashboard, which make a normal summary view more friendly to a Large display/monitor such as one you might see in a typical Network Ops Center. It makes the screen a lot more streamlined and includes the ability to auto-rotate around the page tabs. Your NOC Engineers would most likely need a dedicated dashboard for when they login to SolarWinds for diagnostics or troubleshooting vs what you might have on the NOC Summary screen as that is just supposed to be a snapshot of the network.

- David Smith

Ok- gotcha. Now I am working on SMNP Traps to get the alerts over from Solarwinds to CiNAS. Is it possible to edit existing Traps by adding IP addresses? Or do you think I will have to build new traps for each NODE and situation and send traps that way?

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