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What's the Stupidest Ticket on Spiceworks You've Ever Got? There's too many to chose from!!

Heyy SolarDudes!!

I work in a primary school and one of the stupidest tickets, yeah only of of, I've received on Spiceworks was to fix a laptop in an Assembly. Now I know you'll be thinking "Hang on! There's nothing silly about that!" Well it was my first week at the school so I didn't have much experience with IT at the time and they asked me to come into assembly, in front of everyone, to fix the laptop because the sound wasn't working. Before even getting to the laptop I noticed the speaker cable wasn't even plugged into the laptop headphone port... *Face palm*...  Because I only just started on this job I didn't want to get fired for making the head teacher look like a mug if I just plugged it in and said "works now" so I had to pretend I was fixing other parts while sneakily putting in the cable.

The industry my company is in is educating children, we're a primary school and our IT shop or IT area consists of me and my boss so it's quite a small one. However we have a lot of IT equipment here for the children, teachers and staff to use or borrow which consists of about 251-2000 elements or items so its medium in that sense. The Solarwinds product I'm writing this review for is Spiceworks which is a ticketing system where people can log there problems about IT. When we purchased it we were trying to solve multiple problems at once and we were forgetting some people's problems because there were too many to think about so Solarwinds was advertised and we saw it on some website and got it which has made things 10 times easier. We never really looked at any other options other than Solarwinds because when we saw it, it just looked too good and we use the product on a daily basis to see what IT problems people have for us to fix and resolve and it has benefited us so much because we can get things done so much quicker and it means teachers and staff aren't waiting around for us to come fix it.

I want to know What Were Your Guys' STUPIDEST Tickets You Ever Got?

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