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Saved my Bacon

  1. What industry is your company in?
    1. university
  2. How large is your IT shop? (Small (1-250 elements); Medium (251 – 2000 elements); Large (2001 to 10000 elements); Extra-large (greater than 10,000 elements)
    1. extra-large 50k elements
  3. Which SolarWinds product are you writing this review for?
    1. NPM, NTM
  4. What problem were you trying to solve when you purchased?
    1. We needed to map various areas of the network
  5. Did you consider options other than SolarWinds? Who?
    1. We already have NPM and wanted to leverage NTM.  We also looked at NetBrain
  6. How are you using the product and what benefits have you seen?
    1. Not much as expected.  Atlas is pretty much usless as the product hasn't been updated in - maybe like zillion years.  We was hoping that NTM would provide the mapping functionally.  But we were wrong.  NTM doesn't integrate well and don't even use it.  We went with NetBrain for network mapping and diagraming.  Sad to say SolarWinds is falling behind on mapping.
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