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Level 9

Government IT

The organization I work for comprises of 50 staffs but we look after 10,000 clients daily.

I am writing the review for NTA, NCM and NPM.

I have been trying to resolve the network latency issue which has been there ever since the organization established the Data Centre

and upon purchasing the software has greatly resolved most of our on going problems. Also the traffic analyser helps greatly to identify

the users in our network.

Yes I tried statseeker and their product was not so bad but the support was awful I would say not responsive.

No eversince I have installed Solarwinds there are no options other then Solarwinds, in technical terms I would a say SolarWinds rocks.

I am currently using the product for Data Centre but in the next 24 months hoping to monitor all interfaces within government where the

10,000 clients connect and use our network daily. In addition to that the product has helped greatly in doing deep dive sessions to resolve

real time problems in no time.

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