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Level 20

Did you sign up for thwackcamp 2020 yet?

It's on sign up has started!

Be the first to secure your spot for SolarWinds THWACKcamp, the 2020 IT Knowledge Fest. View this year’s agenda and register now at


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Community Manager
Community Manager

can't wait.gif

It'll be fun this year... I'm hoping I can see the chat this year.  For some reason lately I've thought maybe the chat is blocked by standard firewall filters on our edge.  I had to get some changes made for it to work on the old system.  I'm not sure where I'm at now with the new thwack.  I wish I knew what I needed to tell the firewall rule people to allow so it would work?


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Level 12

You guys are using a different platform this year, correct?

The last 3 or 4 years the system hasn't shown me watching even though I am.  Got to be seen so I can get into the drawings  🙂

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Hi @melonizame - we ARE doing things a little differently this year!! I'll be on the lookout for you 🙂

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Level 7

Thank you. I have registered now

Awesome... it's a good experience!  The production value in the video is high as well!