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A great experience using Solarwinds NPM, NTA, NCM

I am working in a Energy and resource based industry as a Network Admin. In our organisation there are >500 number of network devices which are currently managed by Solarwinds NPM under a single hood. Previously we were using a monitoring tool from a different vendor where we used to get lots of false alert which was a night mare to us because there we have to find out the original alert among the false alert( really a big pain). After implementing SolarWinds NPM and NTA in our environment we got rid of false alert as well as we can track the netflow data, compliance data under a single hood.Great experience of this product is its support the all the products from different vendor( at least in our environment we did not get any compatibility issue). We have also integrated some other tools with Solarwinds which is also a plus point of this.Last but not least the tech support guys are really helpful.

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