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Solarwinds should be able to monitor Cohesity!

Solarwinds should be able to monitor Cohesity!

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Solarwinds should be able to monitor Cohesity.

This would be excellent!

Thank you,


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this seems to be in the wrong category.... solarwinds Backup is a saas backup solution on it's own... I believe you want this in the SAM forum.

However if you know what's needed to monitor Cohesity, you can easily create a SAM Template, maybe even share it with the community

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Thanks! If we use SAM templates, what would you monitor? Just asking. 

If I wanted to monitor backup jobs through Solarwinds, I don't know if I can use SAM templates.

We are actually own the Cohesity appliances. I am still trying to get compatible OIDs.


From what I read about Cohesity is, that it’s got an API, so SAM‘s API Pollers seem to be a good choice.

if you can work with PowerShell or any other scripts you could utilize SAMs scripting Capabilities.

SNMP could be working, however I find it somewhat limited when it comes to monitoring non Network Equipment

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THank you! 🙂