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Level 8

3 annoying "bugs" in version win10

Hi, Installed this a while ago, just starting to use it. However, some really annoying bugs:

1. I have a list of 28 servers. Open Settings tab, scroll to the bottom for a server whose name starts with "w". doble-click, login to it, all good... However, when I logout from it, I return to the main server list / Settings tab, and it will be on the top of the list (A-servers)... It should not. It should remain where I left it...

2. When I'm working with multiple apps, like Excel, etc., and alt-tab to switch the Solar-Putty, it will not have the focus... so I'll have to click on the window to start working on it. It should not. It should move the focus automatically so I just switch with alt-tab, and then immediately I could start working on putty.

3. Related to #2: If I have solar-putty on the background, but visible, and I want to bring it to the foreground... if I click on the main terminal window (the black part), it will just move the focus, but it will not bring the whole window to foreground. I would need to click on the title bar... This is honestly, the most annoying of all... if I click a window, anywhere on it, it's because I want it to move to the foreground...

And related to #3... also happens with #2, so I click on the title bar, get the window on front, but then I also need to focus on the terminal window to move the focus...!!! Way too many clicks for something that should be just 1 click or an alt-tab switch...

So, is there anyone from Solarwinds reading this? Anyone willing to improve this tool?


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Level 9

Hi Ilagos,

yesterday we released a new version of Solar-PuTTY (v4). The new version contains updated putty library (0.72) and a lot of bugfixes including the focus issue. Please try it out and let us know.