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"Assign Application" Option On A Node Page

"Assign Application" Option On A Node Page

I am really missing a quick and easy way to assign application template for a node from the node page itself.

It can either sit in a top right corner, next to "customize page" link:


OR it can also sit in a "Management" module for this node, together with other management tasks:


If anyone is aware about any temp work-arounds or shortcuts - please let me know

Thank you,


Level 14

I agree 100% with this request.  The Asisgn Application option would be very nice feature, and make Orion a bit more user friendly.

Product Manager
Product Manager

I'm marking this as implemented, not because we've added this functionality for Application Templates, but because in SAM 2019.4 and 2019.4.1 for the new API poller, we have fulfilled the spirit of this request with our new content that will allow you to gather data from modern applications via API.

Please keep these requests coming, because as we build the future of SAM with new and better tech stacks, we will certainly take these requests into account.