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Unmanage an entire Group in SAM

Unmanage an entire Group in SAM

We would like the ability to unmanage an entire Group in SAM.  This would be very useful when all devices for a specific business service need to be taken offline for maintenance, or if a specific data center is undergoing maintenance.  The solution offered by Solarwinds is to use custom properties instead of groups, which is not practical.  Since I already have devices organized by groups, why would I want to create more work for myself by adding more custom properties.

This seems like a fairly straightforward feature to implement and would be beneficial to many based on the posts on thwack!

Level 7

Is there any info from SolarWinds about wether or not this will be implemented?

Level 13

All features requests are taken into consideration and prioritized, but we cannot provide timeline for implementation.

Level 7

I believe this should be a standard feature already. We are using SAM for providing SLA uptime for our clients. However, when we have to perform maintenance, we have to unmanage 50 servers and this is not a scalable solution. This should also include the ability to schedule recurring maintenance.

Level 9

I cannot believe there is no scheduled maintenance option, besides the janky external application "solution." The most basic free monitoring solutions out there have this built in, but not SW?

Level 13

While this exact functionality is not currently available in the UI, you could leverage assigned node custom properties to see specific groups of nodes, and then unmanage. Similar functionality could also be achieved using the SDK. See Orion SDK with PowerShell - manage/unmanage multiple nodes for an example of how to do this.

Level 12

More or less 18 month late, do you have any update about this feature ?

Many things can be done using the SDk that is unfortunately not supported by SolarWinds... Is there any official / supported mechanism for this ?

We need to unmanage group of servers for Windows update mostly and we have recurring maintenance windows. That are 2 thing that can't be done easily and out of the box.