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UnManage Component Monitors within an Assigned Application Template

UnManage Component Monitors within an Assigned Application Template

Sometimes it's necessary to unmanage an individual component within an Application Template but it's not desirable to unmanage the entire application template because you lose visibility into the availability and performance of the rest of the elements that make up the application. Today the only option available is to break component monitors up into multiple applications templates that can then be unmanaged individually. SAM should allow users the flexibility to unmanage individual components within an application template, both from within the web interface as well as through the Scheduled Unmanage utility.

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Level 8

You can remove the individual component monitors for specific nodes. I created a template, applied it to many server and went into each node to remove the component monitors that I did not need for that node.

Level 12

This request is to provide a feature to temporarily unmanage not to remove.  If you have service going on with the related component, you don't want to remove history from before the maintenance window.

We have always had the ability to disable the component.  I have always used that if I am not needing the particular component for the particular Node.  That way, if later I do need to use it, all I need to do is enable it and adjust the settings.

Not sure I would ever use the Delete but I am sure there are some that would and that was why it was added as a feature.

Just my 2¢...


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Got it, I was misunderstanding the purpose of the request. I switched my vote to approve.

Level 9

It would be easy, if the custom property have an option for Component.


Level 9

It would be great if during the application discovery, if it detects a failure on any component monitors inside a template (ie service not there or whatever), it would automatically disable those component monitors and prompt you for any failed monitors that are legit to keep in place. This would allow us the ability to build bigger application templates and not have to create individual templates in order to perform this function.

I agree with aLTeReGo , idea.

Level 12

I would like to adjust what I have said above and bring this idea into 2019.  I now know that Unmanaging a Node removes all historical data related to the Node.  In fact, for Nodes I have verbally banned our staff from using it.  If they are faced with a maintenance window or a problem Node, they need to Mute Alerts.  A feature not available when I responded above.  Muting Alerts continues to  collect the data but no Alerts will Trigger, meaning they will not even show up in the Active Alerts list.  Different than Pause Actions of All Alerts where the Alert will still trigger but related Actions will not.

For those that still swear by Unmanaging, I would still agree with aLTeReGo​ suggestion but would ask that Muting Alerts also be an option for Components.  And throughout Orion, I would like to see the ability to allow Users to Mute Alerts without giving them the ability to Unmanage, as I proposed in ​.

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Are you sure Unmanaging removes all historic data.  I was under the impression it just stopped the collection of data whereas deleting the node removes the historical data.

Level 13

I was also under this impression.  Maybe if you leave it "unmanaged" for too long the data gets deleted (like database maintenance runs and cleans it up)?   I haven't tested this, but I believe when I've unmanaged for short periods of time (  a few days) the historical data before I unmanaged it is still there when I remanage it.