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Target Digital Certificates

Target Digital Certificates

It would be great if there was a way to target a single digital certificate on a server. There are hundreds, and if any expire, we get a warning. However, it would be nice to have an interface to browse through and either choose the whole store, or just a single certificate. You should be able to give it a nickname, specify the number of days/advance warning you want, and then set the monitor up. You could then create an alert on it. It would be nice if the statistic was automatically translated into the alert somehow, but that may be a stretch. thanks! Dave Burton

Level 12

It's available and I spent all last week playing with it.  Download the Shared Application Monitor Template called "Certificate CRL Expiry Check", written by Josh Write. It's a Powershell script that you can point to a single digital certificate and alert when that cert is reaches a certain point.

Below is the actual alert we got this weekend for a cert that was below the threshold. 


Unless I'm missing something this is available, it's just not available out of the box.

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Bourlis, Thanks for posting this. Yes, there are several iterations out there. There's a similar PS script in Thwack's shared template repository. What I was hoping for WAS an out of the box drop down choice (of sorts) that would allow you to pick a cert store and a cert in the store if you wanted. I am currently using the above mentioned check. Thanks! Dave B

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