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SAP Monitoring

SAP Monitoring

Any connection available to monitor SAP transactions, modules.  Tivoli has a module just for SAP.  I would love to see something to partially compete with this, al least something that can watch for bad trasactions, etc.

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Yes Please +1

Level 8

Big time yes please

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Recently a lot of projects in monitoring SAP lost to Opmanager,SAM When to launch application monitoring scheme as a whole? Not just some simple performance monitoring,Hoping to add application analysis capabilities, such as the user's application of the overall environment, if there is access to a very slow, then the SAM administrator is able to tell where the problem occurs, such as a database query is very slow, or very slow loading Web pages

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Our customer is evaluating switching to CA Nimbus....

Product Manager
Product Manager

SAM is capable of Monitor SAP using a 3rd party SAM Extension called SAPOrion, available from Icon Software. It provides extremely robust and comprehensive SAP monitoring with SAM at what I believe to be a very reasonable price.

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SAP 6.0  is out in the wild.  Most of the templates you see here on thwack can support earlier versions and 6.0.

I ask Santa for Solarwinds to monitor SAP every year. SAP's Solution Manager Technical Monitoring is a killer on time and resources. Please! Please! Please! crack this nut!

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Here is the English version of their Whitepaper:

YES Please, and add in DPA to monitor the SAP HANA Database, and OH MY what a party.    SolarWinds, SAP has a Message for you....  SAP says Monitor me......

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Product Manager

You can vote on DPA HANA Support here: