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SAM - propagate application status across parent group(s)

SAM - propagate application status across parent group(s)

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Issue: The "All Group Sumary" widget is great for getting a high level status for a group when one or more nodes are down. The group status icon changes to an icon based on the group setting (show worst status, best status, or mixed). However, I noticed that the status only changes based on the node status, and application's running on the node do not affect the status icon. 

Solution: Change the node's parent group (s) to display with the warning/critical status icon anytime there is an application on any of the nodes in the group with a status of warning/critical. 

This solution would allow an admin or a department manager to get a high level status of all the servers/applications in his/her own department/group. See screenshots attached. 

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Product Manager
Product Manager
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Actually, are you using the 2019.2 platform's enhanced node status capabilities? As of that release, SAM application templates and later API pollers all contribute directly to the node status and will thus be included in your group calculation.