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SAM: New component monitor to check for a pattern on a File

SAM: New component monitor to check for a pattern on a File

Why cant we have a new component monitor to existing SAM components which would check for a specific pattern on a File (especially for Windows)?

It could be similar to 'Windows Event log monitor' or a better example would be 'File Existence Monitor'.

For custom logs on Windows servers we will either need to go with Windows script monitor's VBS etc. Rather than writing scripts for the same, can we have a simple monitor like say 'Patter Match on File' which would just take in 2 inputs like 'Filename' & 'Search Pattern' on the File.

We get several requests from application teams for a pattern match on Windows Logs (these logs do not exist on Event Viewer)

To accommodate such requests we can have a simple new monitor as mentioned above. Later on Solarwinds team can extend it to have more things added to it.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Are you looking for the existence of a file or looking through the contents of a file for a keyword, or string?

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I know this is an old thread but I am looking to do something like this - I have been asked if we can look inside an existing file for a specific strings and report on that. I have found and am using the file exists monitor which is great but couldn't find a way of seaching for specific string like you can in the Event Log Viewer of a windows event log.

Is there anything like this available?