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SAM API Component Monitor

SAM API Component Monitor

A wizard that would prompt for API inputs and create an API call, along with a JSON/XML parser to glean data from the response and assign it to a monitored node.

Need your input for refinement.  And GO!

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So kinda like the concept of postman/other browser based API tools but integrated into SAM, jmeredith​ ? Clarification: I like it.

Sounds like a good idea that may be rather complicated to implement. But please don't implement it like so many of the code writing programs that take what should be a simple 3 or 4 lines of code and turn it into pages and pages of code.

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This would be awesome. I'm having to start looking at other tools as many of my companies apps are going to API based architecture and I can't use SAM to cover them.

If you have an API, generally speaking solarwinds *can* poll it - this would just make it easier.

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Script monitors can do the job today, but obviously, it can be made easier for you guys.

I think it would be good if it is open API component monitor, as more applications are API centric now and having this type of SAM component monitor would be very useful.

yes, this is exactly what I'm looking for right now.

One of my monitored Linux based applications only provides an API call system to be able to poll instead of SNMP OIDs.

Being able to setup the component monitor in the same manner as the Firefox RESTClient add-on would make us non-programmer types be able to do this so much easier.

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bump end quarter of 2018

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We have several apis that have health endpoints we use on a regular basis.  Monitoring these endpoints would give our service desk better notice if there is a problem.

All of our endpoints return some form of json, so that would be great if there was a parser.