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Individual Nodes - Volume Threshold (Per server)- Impact on "VIEW"

Individual Nodes - Volume Threshold (Per server)- Impact on "VIEW"


I have been using Solarwinds for quite a while and I feel that solarwinds does have the functionality to showcase nodes based on percentage Volume used but based on a Global Volume threshold.

When we try to change the threshold on individual disk, we do not see the same reflecting to this view.

For eg :

1. If I have 200 servers (D:) which are supposed to show me Red(Critical), when at 90 % in the Nodes by percentage used, it is easy to build, but when I have a node with (D:), needing attention to critical at 85%, it is possible that the color code changes only at the node level and not in the global views.

Change Benefit ::

If above scenario shows the same threshold in the global views, where we define nodes by Volume percentage utilization, it becomes easier to identify on which nodes we have what threshold, and the color code makes things easier top be handled.

I have requested this as a feature request, reason being, in a big organization like ours, where we have thousands of server, there may be certain servers fort eg : 50 which may need a little different attention on the drive segment, when a full team is relying on the view, though we have alerts, but pro-active monitoring is what solarwinds assists with.

I hope this happens to be a good idea.

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You can already do this to some degree...

If you manage nodes, tick all that you wanted to change and then click edit. From here you can then change the thresholds in bulk. The same works when your looking at just volumes as well.

I can add screen shots if you require.

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Hi there,

I am already sure of how to do that, as I mentioned in my comments section. That we can define for 50 of them all together as well.

But when you design a new view, for eg: you want to create a view which displays nodes with 😧 having utilization above 95 %.

Now what happens is even though you have the condition, and threshold defined individually on the disk, this change does not reflect in the view.

So say for eg: Node A has d: 90%.

You defined custom threshold for 85% to be critical for this node and drive.

Now in the manage nodes option you will see it as red at 85 %.

But when you check in the view, it will still show yellow at 85 %, even though you have specifically changed the threshold for this server.

I hope you understand what I am trying to convey, else let me know will send you snaps of this bug.

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If you can send them that would be great. I have a feeling we can work this out for you

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So for eg:

I have a server, as below and I have set it to override global threshold with Warning at 93% and critical at 95 %, which means till 93 % the disk alert color should be green, anything between 93-95% should be yellow(warning) and anything above 95 % should be red (Critical.

Database data.png

But this color code neither reflects on manage node as below ::

Database data 2.png

And then there is a view, where I have put a condition to display nodes according to the Top XX Nodes by percent disk used, even there this threshold change isn't impacted as below ::

Database data 3.png

So the thing is if it is not showing me the change in color and not reflecting the data according to the color code, what is the point of changing the threshold then, I have a team of 100 people relying on this view.

And all that I can see is to add a tag in the volume detail to ignore it until 95 %.. 

This is what I feel should be a feature to be added, that the disks defined with specific threshold, should show and get listed in the color code they are assigned.

I know it can be hectic for SW team to accomplish, but it would be worth it.

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Right I get you now! Give me today and I can hopefully come back to you. I'm sure I've changed this before.

In the mean time someone else might know

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No Problem can wait.


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It sounds like you want the Node icon (Status) to change colors based on the child object, in this case the Volume being over threshold. Is this correct?

Derik Pfeffer

Loop1 Systems

Level 9

Hi Derek.pfeffer,

Not exactly the Node Icon (Status), but Volume Icon (Status).

You can see in the above diagrams, I have illustrated how a single volume partition does not show color coding according to the custom threshold that I have set on it.

It still follows the color code of global threshold, which in our case is 90%(Critical), even though I have set it to custom from 93 o 95 %(Warning - Yellow color), then disk above 9% goes to (Critical - Red).

Hope this helps.!!

Level 13

Not that this helps but I'm starting to think you're right.... I've been looking over this and mine doesn't change, I'm sure it used to reflect the threshold change as I know I have seen this before a few years back.

Level 9

Yeah exactly. I get it. But unfortunately today we don't have this feature.

This is the reason why I raised it as a feature request. If this comes up, it will help us get the visibility in a Smarter way.

Lets wait for Solarwinds to take a step to it.